For most of my life I have experienced mild depression, mood swings and anxiety and was diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder) as a teenager. Over the years I have tried just about every prescription medication available for depression, ADD and anxiety. The medications for depression didn’t work for me. They made me feel cloudy and out of it, I felt like a zombie. The medications for ADD made me feel jittery and anxious and the anxiety medications made me feel tired and lethargic, and eventually more anxious. The side effects of the prescription medications far outweighed the benefits for me.

When I met my wife 10 years ago she had just started taking SAM-e for mild depression and mood swings. She told me that it really helped her feel better, more balanced, more like “herself” and gave her more energy to enjoy the day. For many years I hesitated taking SAM-e because I was taking prescription medications, even though I saw the benefits she was experiencing. Finally about 3 years ago when I stopped taking prescription medications, because of the side effects, I decided to give SAM-e a try. I started out taking 200 mg SAM-e once a day, and after about a week I noticed a positive change in my mood, energy level and focus without any side effects. I then increased my dose to 400 mg of SAM-e and noticed an even greater change. Once at 400 mg of SAM-e I not only noticed a greater change in my overall mood and energy but I also started to notice that I had less trouble concentrating and experienced less anxiety. For me SAM-e has been a tremendous help in treating depression, mood swing, mood imbalance, ADD and anxiety.

Over the years we have done extensive research and tried many different brands of SAM-e. What we found is that a lot of the SAM-e information online is very technical and the information is not provided by people who have first hand experience with SAM-e. Our goal is to provide you with the SAM-e information you need about what SAM-e is, SAM-e benefits, does SAM-e work, how SAM-e works, SAM-e side effects, SAM-e reviews, SAM-e coupons, best SAM-e brands, where you can buy SAM-e and more.